1st Anniversary

Again it’s the 1st of January.
One year has passed.
365 nights later and yet it seems like yesterday.
For some… for many.
It is not easy to witness the passing of someone so exceptional, and so young.

Her departure has been honored throughout the world.
In newspapers, in magazines, on television.
We have received thousands of e-mails,
and many thousands of testimonies across different websites.
All this has shown us clearly the extent of the influence of her music and her personality,
how so many have been so profoundly affected by her music.
It has been one year.
During this year we decided to remain silent…
To let the snow fall.
Lhasa taught us many things,
Especially to take our time.
At this sorrowful moment of reflection, we take the opportunity to tell you about different projects in tribute to Lhasa that are in the course of preparation.
We have found some little jewels in the archives, and hope to share them with you.
Music, of course.
Filmed images.
And also, her own magnificent paintings, the series which includes the much loved cover painting of the CD La Llorona.
There is also her book, La Route Chante, which we hope to translate and offer in English.
All this takes times, but will come to pass!
We will keep you informed on the website and through our network of e-mails — don’t hesitate to join us.

Meanwhile we offer you a link to a new song composed by the group Esmerine and Patrick Watson, in memory of Lhasa.
It’s called Snow Day for Lhasa.

Lhasa left us on the 1st of January last year.
She was cremated, as she wished.
A ceremony for her took place at the Ukranian Federation in Montreal on January 9, 2010.
Another took place in Bourgogne, France, where her 3 sisters live and work as circus artists, on the 21st of June, 2010, the day of the summer solstice and of La Fête de la Musique in France.
A part of her ashes were dispersed in a little river which flows gently all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.
For those for whom it would be meaningful to have a place to go to honor her, there is now a stone reserved for Lhasa at the Cemetery Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges (which literally means “Our Lady of the Snows”)  in Montreal.
The cemetery plot is called poetically (!) Chandler 261.
(And Lhasa loved flowers!)